Thursday, July 29, 2010

wild at heART [review + interview]

I recently came across this etsy shop called "wild at heART". Other than having a cute name, the darling behind the shop, Melissa, creates one of my favorite forms of accessories- hemp jewelry! Hemp bracelets are so nice and versatile. They go with everything, and Melissa sure has talent in handcrafting them. I will move on to the wild at heART classic hemp bracelet that I reviewed, as well as a few questions that Melissa has answered for us. Read on to find out more about her, her shop, the other fantastic items that she likes to create, along with some of my favorite examples of her work in between.
I had the honor of reviewing a pink buttoned classic hemp bracelet from "wild at heART". Melissa was a pleasure to converse with and the bracelet arrived packaged sweetly and safely. I am very happy with the quality of this bracelet. The knotting pattern is stylish and done well. It looks like the bracelet will last for a long time, which is important for accessories, in my opinion. Melissa makes these bracelets in various sizes and this one fits my wrist perfectly. The lone, pink colored button works as a closure as well as adding that nice and pretty touch to the piece of jewelry. I love the simple yet fun look of these hemp bracelets. It has a very naturalistic aura and I have a feeling that this will be a bracelet that I will want to wear often.

Thanks so much for letting us get to know you a bit better, Melissa.

In your own words, who exactly is Melissa?
Melissa can be best described as independent, driven, and passionate. Being a Pisces, she is a creative and caring person. She is obsessed with nail polish and loves 80’s movies! Her life motto is that you have to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time.

Would you rather cuddle up with a good book or go out dancing?
I would definitely prefer going out dancing! Being the outgoing person that I am, I can definitely rock to a good beat! (Even if I do look a little silly doing it)

Cats or dogs?
Dogs! Last year I received a Yorkie Pekapoo puppy for my birthday. Dogs are a little more work than cats, but their loyalty and dependability is completely worth it!

Summer or winter?
Being a high school student, of course I have to choose summer! Having three months off from school gives me time not only to lay out by the pool, but also to create the new collection for wild at heART.

Please tell us about your shop and the items in it, "wild at heART".
My Etsy shop, wild at heART, was inspired by the summer of 2009. Every day I would wake up, lie out on the hammock, and make friendship bracelets. The outdoors has always been a huge inspiration to me, so I try to give my shop the same natural and laid back feel of the green pastures I have grown up around. My shop consists of free spirited friendship bracelets, hemp accessories, and recycled soda tab bracelets. {wild at heART – natural accessories with a splash of color }

How did you get your start in creating jewelry?
As a kid, I was always going to craft camps and art classes, but it was at an after school club that I first learned about friendship bracelets. I saw these older girls creating colorful bracelets and was immediately intrigued. I would watch the technique used to make them, and, after a couple of failed tries, I was able to learn how to make the bracelets. Even then, around age seven, I was selling them to my friends for a quarter!

Do you have a favorite piece that you have made?
Oh, that’s tough! There are several items that I would consider favorites. The hemp with ribbon inside and the summer inspired hemp anklet with colorful beads were two that were hard for me to see sell. The soda tab bracelets are another fav that receive many compliments when worn!

Why do you enjoy crafting?
Crafting for me is an outlet. Being a teenager, it’s important to have a hobby that keeps me busy and allows me to relax. There is nothing better than being able to spend the entire day in my craft room with the music turned up loud and making inspired ideas into reality!

Is there anything that you would consider your inspiration?
Like I said before, the outdoors has had a lot to do with my shop. I have created friendship bracelet collections that were inspired by seasons and weather changes. Growing up around cornfields and green pastures has inspired not only my shop, but also the earth friendly person that I am.

Do you have any advice to someone that might be interesting in starting their own small business?
One of the most important things for a business is to create an image. Think of the audience your products are targeted towards and make a logo or slogan to interest them. You can then use your logo along with your personal information to make a business card to get the word out about your business!

Are you passionate about anything else, outside of jewelry making?
Aside from jewelry, I love antiques and the “junk” market. It allows you to take something old and remake it into something new and unique! I am also very passionate about writing and plan on majoring in Journalism in college.

What is a general day in your life like?
During the summer, I am able to sleep in usually until 9 o’clock. While watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, I log onto the internet to check my email, Etsy, and the long list of blogs that I follow. This will usually take until 10:30. Most days I try to exercise before lunchtime. Whether it’s swimming, running, or weights, I try to stay fit in the summer. After lunch I work in my craft room either on an item for wild at heART or giving new life to “junk”. I spend the afternoon relaxing either on a pool raft or the couch. After dinner, I catch the new episodes of some of my favorite shows (Lie To Me, Rookie Blue, etc.) and Jay Leno. Then it’s Goodnight! *School starts at the end of August :P no more sleeping in..

Thank you for sharing, Melissa! Is there anything else you would like to add?
I don’t have anything else to add, but I do want to thank you so much for this opportunity!

In closing, you should know that wild at heART is currently having an awesome sale that won't last long! You can get some great new accessories for a steal. 

I hope that everyone is having a nice week so far, :)


Dita Maulani said...

Love that Berry friendship bracelet!

Samy said...

Thanks for commenting, Dita!

It is a lovely bracelet. Those colors go so well together. :)

mruna said...

I love these bracelets! Infact I've been making some like them for quite sometime now!I love the hemp ones!

Joanne J said...

I'm going over to check out her shop now! :)

Samy said...

mruna: Hemp is my favorite! They are so fun. :)


Joanne: I'm sure you will enjoy it. Thanks for your support!

Michele said...

Hmmm...I hope this doesn't end up being a duplicate comment as I already left one but don't see it.

Anyway, what a cute shop! I love the Berry Friendship Bracelet! The colors are so pretty! In fact, I think I'm going to head on over to Wild at heArt and buy that one for my lovely and sweet niece, Amanda! I know she'll love it!

Great interview, by the way! :-)

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
Butterfly Whispers

Samy said...

Blogger has been acting glitchy with it's comments lately. I recieved the notification, but it seems to have disappeared from here. :/

Anyways, thank you very much, Michele! ^.^

Eva said...

awesome interview and great designs! :)