Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thy Local Organic Pagan [Review]

I don't think I have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much I enjoy the Earth friendly vibe of "Thy Local Organic Pagan" and the products you can find there. Our lovely, Organic Pagan is Tabitha. She puts so much love and care into everything that she does. By getting to know her and her work a little, it is evident. From when I first tumbled onto her shop page, I was intrigued by the natural feel and, of course, the types of items she handcrafts. You will find aroma/scented/meditation/spiritual oils, body lotions, bath salts, soy blend candles, botanical perfumes, lip balms, and more. I had the honor of reviewing a sample of items from Tabitha. Before we get to that, take a gander at some of the enchanting things to be found at Thy Local Organic Pagan.







When my review package arrived, the scents that greeted my nose told me that I was in for a treat. Everything was presented so beautifully, and I can tell that Tabitha's inspiration comes from the heart of nature itself. One of the things that I love about Thy Local Organic Pagan is that everything is so pure- all of the spices and herbs used in her mixtures are organic and garden grown. It makes me feel good about what I am putting on my body as well as inhaling. 
I am big on lip balms but it can be tough to find one that smells good, feels nice on your lips (who likes stickiness?), doesn't taste bad (let's face it, it goes on your lips and at some point will touch your taste buds), doesn't include nasty additives (I love that everything I am reviewing has an ingredients label full of goodness) and has a positive effect on your pout parts. The lip balm I am reviewing is called Flower Power. It is scented like a garden of fresh roses, which must come from the ground red roses that are mixed in there. I am trying not to eat it, but when it hits my tongue, it's as yummy as it smells. Flower Power is smooth, not sticky, and makes my lips feel soft and moisturized. I don't have to worry about the ingredients because Tabitha made this. ;) 
 Three wonderful oils were included. They are named Romantic Oil, Bella Aroma Oil, & Passion and Lust Oil. I don't think Tabitha has the ability to create anything that doesn't smell intoxicating. You can use these as aroma, meditation, or spiritual oils. The ingredients, like all of the other product elements are pure and delightful. Olive and soybean oil, rose oil, lavender, patchouli, grape-seed oil, vitamin E, etc. The Romantic Oil is floral with a hint of musk. The citrus oil adds a sort of fruity backdrop. Like Tabitha also states, this oil can be unisex. Bella Aroma Oil contains dragons blood oil, so you know that it has a unique scent. It is very sensual and has a soft spice to it. I enjoyed using this one as on my pulse points. When I smell the Passion and Lust Oil, I sense florals and an earthy richness. This is a great oil to have around your significant other. Personally, I am fond of these as aroma oils and rubbing on my wrist area to carry the delicately alluring scents with me throughout the day. They are very relaxing. 
 Tabitha also wrapped up a Spiced Tea Votive Candle for me. I adore soy candles and this one is no exception. The fragrance is that of one of my favorite teas- Chai. There is even some black tea sprinkled on top. It burns nice and clean, as well as smelling wonderful with hints of heavenly vanilla and cinnamon. The reusable glass that the candle sits in is quite charming as well.
The Meditation Salts with Organic Lavender Buds are perfect for clearing your head in the tub. They arrived in the cutest wood box. I like the larger size of these rock salts and that there are actual lavender buds floating around. The scent is nice and powerful. Lavender has a calming effect which is exactly what you want from meditation salts. These are perfect for a bath after a hard day and right before going to sleep. It lulls me and takes away negativity, letting my mind rest.
I received three various Organic Pagan lotions to sample. They are Rosewater & Cinnamon Emollient Rich Hand Body Lotion, Guava & Bay Rum Emollient Hand and Body Lotion, and Cocoa Butter Emollient Rich Lotion. Each of these are silky to put on and left my skin feeling softer and moister. They are very light and easy to rub in because the first ingredient is distilled water, or in the case of the Rosewater & Cinnamon Lotion- homemade rose water, straight from home grown roses. Guava & Bay Rum is a unique mix and reminds me of the tropics. I felt like going to the beach after using it. The Cocoa Butter Lotion is a soft blend of pure cocoa butter and vanilla extract. Great scent for daily use and of course with the benefits of cocoa butter- wonderful for dry skin. The Rosewater & Cinnamon Lotion has a flowery, delicate, yet softly spicy scent. It's very peaceful and optimism inducing. 
I hope that you enjoyed reading about Thy Local Organic Pagan products and their maker as much as I did getting to know them and writing about them. A big thank you to Tabitha for sharing her quality work and letting me delve into it. I am very glad that I got to spread the news of this wonderful shop to you readers. If you are interested in finding out more about her, head over to visit her blog.



kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

wow! these look like some seriously luxiurious products. nicely written (you've definitely piqued my curiousity).

found you in those lovely Etsy forums. :D

Samy said...

Thank you for the compliment, Kelli!

Those forums are quite lovely. ;)

aquariann said...

Her products look wonderful! Great review. :D

Samy said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Aquariann. I adore Thy Local Organic Pagan- I had such a great time with this review. ^_^

Teresa said...

Ooooh! These look yummy! Makes me wish aI had a scratch 'n sniff computer screen. :D

Teresa (@mrslevite on twitter)

Samy said...

I wish that I had that technology available for you, Teresa! ;D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a beautiful review. I am working on a batch of homemade handcrafted soaps, that will be ready in about a month. I hope you don't mind if I send you a few samples for testing (^-^*). THANK YOU, Princess
XOXO Tabitha

LoveandLustDesigns said...

I just left a comment but am not sure if it went through ..

I checked out her shop and I am VERY impressed with the photos and items given that she is such a new seller! I think she will find quite a bit of success on etsy!

Samy said...

Tabitha: I'm so glad that you like it. It was a pleasure reviewing your terrific samples. - Of course not! I'd love to test your new soaps. You are really going strong in coming up with new products! Handcrafted soaps are a great idea for your shop. If I know you, I bet they are going to smell fantastic. ;)


LoveandLustDesigns: Blogger acts wonky sometimes. ;P - I'm happy that you went to check it out, she is doing a great job. There are so many good things about her craft, she deserves some etsy success. :)