Sunday, September 12, 2010


The inspiration for my most recent treasury collection began when I saw the listing for the Lavender Corset. The model is wearing a beautiful wig reminiscent of Marie Antoinette as well as the lovely Baroque style corset. Of course, the wig automatically made me think of Prince Poppycock and I went from there- using woodsy shades (which I love combining), some black/white sophistication, all with a mix of lovely items. I bet Poppycock would wear those Victorian Leather Bow Front Heels... and possibly the Venetian Mask.










 What is your favorite? Also, if you like PP, for heavens sake share your delight.



spiralgoddess said...

I love the camera, no the mask, no the vase, no the the the oh I just love them all!!!!
Great treasury and beautiful Blog!
Am delighted to be here thank you :)
Ellen ♥

Samy said...

Aw, haha. It is my pleasure, Ellen! Thanks so much. :)

Junie said...

I still haven't figured out how to enter the giveaway.... but you have so many pretty things! :)

merryroseberry said...

I love the "rest"-pillow! Your blog is beeeeauuutiful <3

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog too! I will be sure and add your blog to my Creative Places list on my blog!

Thanks again for including my piece!

Sandra Evertson

Samy said...

I e-mailed you, Junie dear. :)


Thank you very much, Merryroseberry! ♥♥


That is so sweet of you, Sandra. Thank you! ^_^

Night Owl Craftworks said...

Very nice blog. Thanks for featuring my bottle in this post! ~Mike

Samy said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, Mike! It is a fabulous piece. :)

CelyFrenchie said...

I love the Make Up Bag, really different !


Samy said...

It's definitely a very cool one, CelyFrenchie! Thank you for your comment. :)

Yasmin said...

Goodness, why can't I have an unlimited supply of money to buy things like these?

I LOVE the "Luscious Occasionally Lavender Corset".

And the " Size 7 Vtg Brown Leather Bow Front Heels. sexy pilgrim. oversized bow. 80s victorian." I'm going to check and see if they come in size 6-6.5!

The touch up make up bag is adorable.

And I love that camera!

I really love the mask too! I have one slightly similar that I got when I was 13 when my family and I went to Italy.

Alice in Wonderland was such a good movie and book. said just one "favorite"?

Samy said...

I'm glad that you have so many favorites, Yasmin. ;D I wish I could buy allll of those items as well!