Thursday, September 2, 2010

Squid Ink Kollective [interview]

I am happy to be sharing an awesome shop called "Squid Ink Kollective" with you today. Their fun, interesting, and quirky designs are what drew me to the products. I also love the eco-friendly factor. Lynnea and Brian are the creative duo behind Squid Ink Kollective- designing the images, screen-printing unique tee shirts, hoodies, handcrafted bags, linens, and more. But enough from me... let's find out what they have to say for themselves!
Please tell us a bit about Brian and Lynnea.
We met in college when playing in a band together called Teflon Resistance. We've been working together creatively ever since, for over 8 years.

Are there any activities that you like to do for fun?
Night swimming at the deliciously cold Barton Springs, biking, thrift store hunting, cooking, Arrested Development watching (and some other stuff too), reading, and occasionally diverging into other crafts like bookmaking, stamp carving, felting, etc.
How did "Squid Ink Kollective" come about?
Brian wanted to create a collective for artists fresh out of college (like himself) to work together to produce and show art, with the philosophy that everyone should be able to afford handmade, artistic works. Apparel, linens and bags grew out of that, as items of high quality but still be affordable to the average person.

What can one expect to find in your shop?
Hand screenprinted apparel, handmade bags and tea towels, all printed with eco-friendly inks. We also have a selection of posters and handmade works, though they are not posted often in our Etsy store. Bright colors and comical animals are standard around us!
Tell us a little about the creative process.
Brian does the image designing, often by hand with ink on transparency. We then transfer the images, separated in colors, to silkscreens using an emulsion process, and print the shirts. For the bags and tea towels, all the printing is done before I start the sewing process.

Squid Ink Kollective comes up with a ton of intriguing images. What is your inspiration?
As the name implies, Brian has long been obsessed with sea creatures. Animals of all kinds inspire us and we relate to them where are fellow humans sometimes fail....also the world needs to know about narwhals!
Do you have any advice for someone interested in starting their own crafty business?
Really sit down and decide if it's going to be a hobby or a business. To be a business, the following things are almost always required: an absolutely undying passion for what you do, extreme nerdiness, and a willingness to spend at least 12 hours a day working on some business-related aspect or another - some of them not fun at all! Being able to ask questions from peers, and not letting failed concepts bring you down also help.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks for inviting us to your site!

To all of you over in Austin, be sure to stop by and check out Squid Ink Kollective at the Kaleidoscope Exhibition this weekend! They will also be at another art opening over in Renegade Chicago the following weekend. Awesome! If you want more Squid Ink Kollective, you can find them on twitter as well as on their facebook page.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week,