Sunday, October 24, 2010

CSN Stores [BonJour Review]

I am back with my review of a CSN Stores' product that I wrote a preview about earlier on. The BonJour brand "Prosperity Tea Pot with Shut Off Infuser" was swiftly shipped and arrived at my door step, safely packaged.
Because of the infuser, this tea pot is perfect for someone who loves to make loose tea as well as bagged tea. I love the borosilicate glass, not just because of the terrific heat retention but also because you can judge the color of your tea. If you enjoy blooming teas, you can remove the infuser, plop the bloom in, and thanks to the glass clarity- watch it unfold. Speaking of the infuser, one of its great features is the "shut-off" element. After your water is heated in a kettle or stove-pot, you can pop the lid off, pull up the round ball on top of the pot to have your infuser open to water, scoop your tea into the infuser, pour the hot water in, wait until your tea is brewed, and then pump the round ball back down to shut the infuser off. It causes the tea leaves to be pushed down and not have any more contact with the water. This allows you to have more control over the strength and freshness of your tea. The, just take the handle and pour your tea! I really like that the pot has a black, plastic encasing. The handle didn't get hot, and it was easy to pour with. Sometimes glass tea pots are fragile, but I am not worried about this one because the lid is sturdy just like the built in coaster/bottom. The capacity is 5 cups, which is a nice amount for one tea lover, or a family of them. The medium size and simple but stylish look make this pot fit well in various kitchens. Following the directions that came with this teapot, my tea has been coming out wonderful!

A big thank you to CSN Stores and BonJour, for allowing me to test your great product. :)


Lee said...

Thank you for the review of the BonJour tea pot. I was looking for a tea pot for my college aged daughter in her apartment. Something that would make more than a single cup of tea. I am thinking this might be the pot for her!

Samy said...

I am glad, Lee! I think this pot would be perfect for that. :)