Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Local Organic Pagan [Review]

Hello, everyone! You might remember when I introduced you to "Thy Local Organic Pagan" earlier this year. Tabitha has recently sent in some of her new products, for a review. She keeps coming up with great new ideas for her shop.Thy Local Organic Pagan currently offers a terrific variety of items- meditation/aroma oils, incense, botanical perfume, soy blend candles, butters/lotions/creams, blessed/bath salts, handmade soap, lip balm, body wash / shower gel, as well as jewelry. Before we get to my review, here are a few listings that I didn't show you last time!




The package arrived smelling just as fantastic as last time. A pleasant, calming, earthy scent. Everything was packaged attractively and safely. What I love about Thy Local Organic Pagan is that Tabitha always sticks to Organic and Garden Grown herbs and spices, which she uses in her products. Everything is Earth friendly, friendly for you, and always smells great!
 These three are Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash, Shea Butter Bath Milk, and Shea Butter Foot Lotion. Shea Butter is terrific for dry skin, so these three work together very nicely to moisturize your body. The body wash had a nice slight lather when I used it with my bath pouf. I felt clean without feeling that dryness you sometimes get when your cleanser is harsh. The bath milk is great for a soothing soak in the tub. I mixed it in with the running water and let it work its magic. This product is so wonderful for moisturizing your whole body while you relax. Most of you probably agree that feet could always use some extra pampering. The foot lotion is light, feels refreshing, and softens the skin. I think it is good to use after showering/bathing, before you get into bed. Each of these products has a delicate and natural scent of Shea Butter.
Next, we have Patchouli and Wild Cherry Sea Salt Scrub. I love how fine this scrub is! It feels very luxurious and has a perfect scent concoction of sweet and foresty. Any of my old skin came right off to reveal a silky smooth layer. This is especially nice to use on areas that are usually the driest, like elbows and knees. Unlike many scrubs I have used in the past that just exfoliate, I also noticed the moisturizing happen with this scrub right away. That must be Tabitha's terrific use of a olive oil and soybean oil blend.
 I wanted to show you how adorable the packaging was on this Patchouli and Wild Cherry Soap sample- like a little wrapped up piece of candy. Inside, the actual soap was partially light brown, deep brown, and had a ridged texture (like the soaps you can see here.) This handmade soap lathered up beautifully and the scent was just super. Like the scrub, Patchouli and Wild Cherry, it smelled quite woodsy with a hint of sweetness. Many soaps dry my skin out while they clean but this one did the opposite. I felt clean without feeling like I lost all of my natural, healthy oils.

 A big thank you to Thy Local Organic Pagan! Once again, if you are interested in finding out more about our dear Organic Pagan, head over to visit her blog.

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