Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSN Stores [Toaster Review]

I am very pleased to be sharing a bit about another CSN Stores item with you today. (If you are a new reader you might want to read my two CSN previews [1, 2] and the first review I did for one of their products.) As I have mentioned before, CSN Stores is one site consisting of over 200 different shops making it so fun to browse the huge selection. The holidays are coming up on us and you rely on CSN Stores to be there with great gifting options. You can find something for everyone on your list! Here are a few cool items I have run across in their shops..



I recently experienced one of CSN Stores many kitchen and dining products: a Procter Silex 4-Slice Chrome and Black Toaster. It arrived quickly and packaged safely along with a small usage and care manual. I found the instructions for removing the bottom side (to clean up any crumbs) useful. I like the black and shiny silver color combination. It goes well with many modern day kitchens, especially if you already have chrome and/or black appliances.
 If you enjoy toasting up some bagels, along with normal bread slices, the wide slots are suitable for many various sizes. My bagels were toasted swiftly and to a wonderful shade- lightly browned and just the right amount of crispy. Each pair of slots have their own toasting shade-selectors. The availability of four slots is terrific, especially if you have a family, or just like to toast more slices at a time without having to wait. With previous toasters, sometimes I had the problem of slices getting stuck because they do not come up high enough, so the "automatic toast-boost" is a big help with that. As advertised, this Proctor Silex toaster is safe in that it shuts off when it is done and it stays cool to the touch on the outside. When it comes to toasters, this product was just what I look for. The features are all there, it has style, the quality is great, and the price is very affordable!


Lee said...

The recycling contains are great. Love the tree wallpaper too - I did not know CSN had so many items!

Samy said...

There is so much cool stuff to be found! Thank you for commenting, Lee. :)

mvegan said...

oh wow, love the wallpaper!!