Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cellnique [review + free samples]

"Cellnique" is a fabulous company that offers products for various skin conditions and needs, ranging from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, SPF, masques, etc... for acne, aging skin, discoloration, large pores, scars, sensitive skin, and more. All Cellnique products are created with Cx Formulation- an advanced formula that mixes the positive effects of natural plant extracts, biological active ingredients, a bio-active delivery system, along with antioxidants. This is why Cellnique products offer such great performance for visibly quick results. Take a look at some of the items Cellnique has to offer!

I was contacted by Selina from Cellnique to try out a couple of their face-skin products. The first of which is the Amino Collagen C Intense Set. This is a combination product of two separate liquids, Amino Collagen C Intense I and II. Together, they work on large pores and lines in your skin. 
I really like the dropper design. I used this set once a day for two weeks. As advised for sensitive skin, I applied the Intense II first, followed by Intense I. Amino Collagen C Intense II is full of silk proteins and soy, is oil-free but contains Hyaluronate Acid which is a natural moisturizer. It repairs skin cells that have been roughed up and my skin felt smooth and soft right after applying it. Amino Collagen C Intense II was applied afterward. This serum contains a lot of vitamin C which helps to perfect open pores and enhances skin flexibility. I felt a slight tingling sensation using this serum, which is normal for sensitive skin, but it was very bearable and not unpleasant at all. After using the set, my pores seem to have minimized and my skin feels silky, hydrated, as well as more elastic. It also seems to have helped make my skin pigmentation more smooth and reduced some discoloration.
 The second product that I am reviewing is the Advanced Bio Renewal Masque. I love the packaging, it is simple and stylish. The masque cream is easy to get to, and the jar allows you to not waste any product. It also smells like a Pina Colada, which I think is lovely. ;) 
This masque is made with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acids complex, which makes me feel good about using it. It cleans deep down to my pores while the texture also helps to exfoliate old skin cells. This also strengthens cellular renewal performance. It is a pleasure using this masque, from the nice scent and soft clay-like texture to the way my skin feels afterward- soft, smooth, fresh, and vibrant. 


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