Monday, January 17, 2011

CSN Stores [Pet Bed Review]

It is finally time to tell you all about another great product from CSN Stores! (If you missed it, you can find the recent teaser over here to find out more about what CSN Stores is about.) Today, I want to tell you a bit about the fantastic Country Dreams Pet/Dog Bed that Hunter and I reviewed. Hunter is my little dachshund boy and he was very excited to test his new sleeping area out.
The makers of the bed are General Cage. They design other various pet items as well, like crates and grooming supplies. This particular doggy bed comes in three sizes- 15", 22", and 25". We chose the medium one for this long Doxie.
Owning a pup that loves to play, but also tends to be rough with his toys (and past beds) is tough when it comes to finding durable equipment. This bed appeals to me because it is adorable (check out that paw print!) as well as comfortable and lasting. He hasn't even attempted chewing on the mixed wood frame. Underneath the cushion is an intertwined rope material that makes the bed flexible and cozy.
The head-board and foot-board were simple enough to attach and everything stayed together well after the few screws were twisted in. Another thing to love about this Country Dreams bed is the fact that is is slightly raised off of the floor. It keeps Hunter away from the hard tile and the coldness that comes with it.
 The fluffy bed cover you see is reversible. Choose either the fleece or the denim and switch whenever you please. I think the fleece is perfect for wintertime and the denim will be nice for warmer months. If you are a dog owner, you know the importance of washable items. The cushion can be easily removed to launder. The icing on top of this fabulous piece is that it is inexpensive. The General Cage Country Dreams Pet Bed is currently only $23.95 (+ $7.95 for a 22" or + $18.95 for the 25"). As with many CSN Store items, they are offering free shipping for this bed! Spoil your dog without sacrificing your wallet.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about this terrific CSN Stores product as well as the photos of my extremely satisfied dog. ;)


@nola727 said...

That is an adorable bed--only outdone by the cute doggy! Buy one get the other for free?

I'd love to have this with my baby's name on it!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

The bed is so cute but your dog is simply adorable!!

Samy said...

Nola- Everyone should have a cute dachshund in their life! ;) Their name on it is a sweet idea.

Alicia- He says "ruff!" (thank you!) :D